Who we are ?

We are a group of researchs that trys very hard to transform the researsh we do into products that helps our community. The company started as a research idea and then it got supported by the Innovation Center at King Abdullah University.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spectria is a device that can be easily installed inside your home electrical panel. The device will then connect to our platform over wifi. The goal of Spectria is to help you reduce your electrical bill.
Spectria will help a lot with that:
• Always monitoring your consumption will surely help you save money :
Let's assume your consumption this month is 6000 kWh . imagine it increased by only 1 kWh , your bill cost will increase by 720 SAR! . Spectria will notify you before you reach this usage in advanced.

• Finding out the appliances that is responsible for your high bill :
Did you know that an Air conditioner with poor efficiency could be responsible for increasing your bill by 50%.

• Spectria will allow you to control your home Air conditioners from anywhere at anytime :
For example if you and your family outside your home and one of your family member forgot to turn off his room Air conditioner. You can turn off the air conditioner using your phone , and you will make sure throught the app.
Very easy , it won't take more than 30 minutes before Spectria will start helping you :
The three sensors are used for monitoring the current passing the three phases. Simply connect the clamps over the the main wires that feeds your house inside the electrical panel . Then connect the device to the electrical plug and follow the steps in the app to connect the device to our platform.
Spectria uses machine learning algorithms. Basicly every electric device has it's own signature different than the other devices. We use advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze these signatures.
We are proud of Spectria that every technology inside the device and in our platform are built inside Saudi Arabia by local Experts.
We will soon enter the mass production stage and we are anticipating that it will reach the market very soon . Registering with us will keep you updated.